Sports Massage Therapy Specialist

Jamie's fascination with movement and the human body began early with a recognition that movement helped to relieve stress and anxiety. She completed massage school in January 2007 at Sedona School of Massage in beautiful Sedona, AZ, where the emphasis was being present and listening. After being offered work space inside of CrossFit Inception in Columbus, GA in 2010, she found her passion. She has since worked from 4 CrossFit boxes and now calls Palm Beach Healing Center home.

As a former coach and lifetime athlete, Jamie understands the necessity of proper movement within any sport or repetitive activity. She has a thorough knowledge of how soft tissue effects performance and recovery. Specializing in deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release, each session is tailored to an individual's needs. While Jamie works primarily with athletes, she likes to emphasize that "EVERY BODY needs massage!"

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